Shorn Arwa reveals how much she has made as a content creator living in the UK

Shorn Arwa reveals how much she has made as a content creator living in the UK.

Content creator Shorn Arwa shared that she is grateful for relocating to a country that appreciates her craft and pays well for it.

On her IG stories, she revealed that she just received her first couple of millions in the foreign country as a content creator.


She then recounted the days in Kenya when she struggled and was turned down by someone she needed help from, just because he couldn’t categorize her content.

She shared that the same content that could not be categorised back home in Kenya, is the same one that has earned her millions in the UK.

The content creator shared that her post is meant as an encouragement to upcoming content creators who are not able to fit in any category of big creators.

She advised her fans to keep going and pushing harder and one day the right people will notice their creativity.


Shorn Arwa had relocated to the UK earlier this year, she had said growing up she had never thought she would be at a point where she is moving to another country since her childhood was a difficult one.

She shared that she had initially applied for a visa which was rejected and the second time God worked miraculously and her application went through.

Since relocating, the mother of one has been living the dream life of many.

In May, she shared a video on social media flaunting her new BMW X1 gifted to her by her husband.

She revealed the car came as a surprise to her since they had agreed on buying a small car in order to polish her driving skills.

Days later, she told her husband she wanted a girly car and he got her a BMW X3.

” I told my husband I wanted a girly car, something that screams, a woman. So we had a discussion and agreed am getting an upgrade.” she said.


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