Body of Hairdresser in Mlolongo who went missing found

Body of Hairdresser in Mlolongo who went missing found.

The body of Jane Mwende Mwanzia, a 29 year old hairdresser from Mlolongo who went missing about two weeks was found dumped in a pit Latrine.

According to the police, The body was found barely a few kilometers from her salon.

Jane went missing on August 25, 2023 after receiving a call from someone who claimed to be a client.

The next day, she failed to turn up for work and concerns were made a while later when she did not pick up her child from her home in Machakos.

Family, friends and colleagues of the woman have been searching for her since she had disappeared.

They said they had been to police stations, hospitals and even to morgues without success.

Suspects who were arrested in connection to her disappearance led the police to where the body was.

They had earlier misled the police to Magongo forest in Wote area of Makueni County.

The suspects would however later change their narrative leading the police to Kiserian before revealing the actual scene where Jane’s body was discovered in Mlolongo.

Police suspect love triangle as well as her involvement in the real estate business as possible motive.

It is alleged that Jane and another woman in Mlolongo town, have been in a dispute involving a man.


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