Brian Chira narrates how he was infected with the HIV virus

Brian Chira narrates how he was infected with the HIV virus.

Famous Tiktoker Brian Chira has just revealed how he got the HIV virus.

Although the content creator has been open about his HIV status, he has never disclosed how he got the disease.

Speaking with Oga Obinna, he shared the details of how he got it.

It all started when Brian Chira got an invitation to a high-end party in Mombasa, he had taken a bus and arrived in Mombasa at around 7.

Since the party was to start later that night, he called his friend who was schooling in Techinical University of Mombasa for a meet up.

His friend invited two more guys who showed up with their girlfriends.

The group of six started taking alcohol and got extremely drunk. One guy molested Brian Chira and this is the incident that infected him with HIV.

Upon realising that he had been raped, he got out of the house, took a bus back to Nairobi, and reported the ordeal to the relevant authorities.

Despite being given the PEP medication, Chira was not advised on how to take the medicine. Months later, his friend who was working with the NGO took him to the VCT where he found out that he was HIV positive.

Chira has urged Kenyans to take him as a content creator rather than a HIV positive person.


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