Miss Mandi’s Tweet That Exposed Her As A Bully

Miss Mandi’s Tweet that exposed her as a Bully.

Former Capital FM news presenter Miss Mandi found herself in hot soup and at the mercy of Kenyans on Twitter on the wake of Thursday 20th.

This came after she made a Tweet on how she disliked people who are not accountable for their wrong doings in this life.

Miss Mandi’s Tweet

The Tweet sparked anger and rage to one user by the name Koome Gitobu who replied by revealing how the radio presenter used to mistreat him when they used to work together at the radio station.

The former presenter revealed that Miss Mandi used to degrade and bully him all the time due to the fact that they did not come from the same background. He wrote a couple of tweets expounding on his frustrations.

Just sitting here watching the person who constantly terrorized & brutally bullied me the entire time we worked together talk about accountability. She said.

This woman. Would constantly call the entire office to a stop to make fun of my clothes when I didn’t have enough money to buy the trendy shit she & her friends thought only those deserving to be in their presence to wear. She continued.

This woman made up such hurtful nicknames for me behind my back. And laughed in my face because I couldn’t afford to order fancy food for lunch so I would cook my own food and carry.

The Tweet brought out mixed reactions from KOT and caught the attention of celebrities who have had an encounter with Miss Mandi.

Michelle Ntalami was one of the many Kenyans who has in the past had an encounter with her and said she was also mistreated at an event they attended together at Onyx Lounge.

Michelle Ntalami's Tweet

Michelle Ntalami’s Tweet

Another screenshot dated 2013 also shows how she harassed Eddie Butita who was then, an upcoming comedian by telling him his jokes were not funny at all, because they did not make her laugh.

Butita's Email Reply.

Butita’s Email Reply.

The other accusation was from a resurfaced video where she humiliated rapper Smalls Lethal by telling him his music was crap and she would not play it,as she demanded gifts from artists who came to her show.

Screenshots were also exposed showing a conversation between two people where Mandi is being accused of beating up media personality Anita Nderu at one event due to the fact that Anita took long at the washroom.


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