Content creator Josh Wonder talks about what led to his breakup with Ajib Gathoni

Josh Wonder admits what led to his breakup with Ajib Gathoni.

Content creator Josh Wonder has shared his side of the story after his breakup with ex girlfriend Ajib Gathoni.

In a video shared, Josh said since they were living together, days leading to their breakup, Ajib Gathoni secretly called the owner of the house in an attempt to change the names listed in the contract of the house.

According to him, Ajib Gathoni wanted the house to be under her name by changing his name to hers so that it would be easier to kick him out.

He said at first he was responsible for the rent but later Ajib took the responsibility of paying it.

“At this time when things were going sour, person X decided to call the owner of the house, telling the owner, to change every piece of information in the tenant agreement from under my name to hers.” he said.

Josh shared that the only thing that saved him from being homeless is that Ajib’s name was not in the tenant agreement and he had listed his brother as his next of kin.

“She did not know that the house we were in did not have any of her details on them. The owner was very shocked. He told her, ‘I don’t even know who you are, first of all, and can I talk to Josh!” he added.

Less than a month ago, the award winning dancer Ajib Gathoni, confirmed that she was no longer in a romantic relationship with ex Josh Wonder.

The two met on Tik Took and embarked on a journey of creating content together while documenting their relationship journey.

Before their breakup, they served couple goals on social media. Fans are eager to hear Ajib’s side of the story too though.


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