Comedian 2Mbili Accuses Baby Mama of Assault

Comedian 2mbili being assaulted by his baby mama

Oga Obinna shared a post on his social media platforms alleging 2Mbili has been going through a hard time and it has not been easy to for him to decide to share it.

The comedian, 2Mbili is nursing injuries after he was assaulted by his baby mama.

The kiss 100 presenter revealed that 2Mbili has been going through alot lately, from being beaten, stabbed with a knife, and occasionally being burnt with hot water.
However his baby mama has taken the assault to the next level by beating the children just to punish him and also locking him out of his house.
Oga Obinna said he decided to share what has been going on since 2Mbili has been really hurting and something can be done before it is too late for him and his children.

In the video that was shared by Obinna, 2mbili is seen seriously bleeding as he explains on the camera that it was the third time the incident was happening to him.
The comedian said he has done everything including reporting the assault to gender based violence offices, to the police station and nothing has been done to his baby mama yet.

Despite having all the evidence, 2Mbili said he decided to stay for his children but the assaults have not stopped but continued and he really needs all the help he can get.
Oga Obinna added that it is so sad that men don’t receive the help they need when it comes to gender based violence. He questioned this inequality in the system adding that no one has a right to lay hands on anyone.

Reacting to the story, comedian YY said 2mbili once covered up being burnt by hot water by lying that he had been attacked by goons. YY said that it was important for men to know when to leave toxic relationships. We hope justice will be served for 2Mbili.


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