CS Machogu Shares The Story Of Boy Who Held An Umbrella For Him

CS Machogu Shares The Story Of Boy Who Held An Umbrella For Him.


Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has addressed the social media uproar sparked by a viral photo depicting a learner holding an umbrella for him.CS Machogu releases 2023 KCPE results


Machogu clarified that the student approached him seeking assistance with school fees, uniform, and shoes. He emphasized that it was not his request for the learner to hold the umbrella instead, it was an initiative taken by the child to draw attention to their needs.


“I went somewhere, and the learner wanted to get the attention of the CS. The learner wanted school fees, uniform, and even shoes,” The CS said.


“That small guy insisted on standing beside me with an umbrella. He comes from a background that you and I don’t.”


Machogu clarified that both the media and social media users had misunderstood the situation. Despite the misconceptions, he underscored that he interacted with the young learner, addressing the student’s needs.


The Education CS mentioned that encounters with needy children are not uncommon, and they often use such opportunities to voice their concerns.


Speaking at an event where Machogu presided over the distribution of 1,000 scholarships by the KCB Foundation in Nairobi, he highlighted his commitment to supporting students in need.


The day before, Machogu participated in the Murang’a Child Bursaries awarding ceremony at Mumbi Stadium in Murang’a County.


The controversial photo that circulated on social media showed the young learner holding an umbrella for the CS, triggering criticism online. Some called for an apology, while others defended Machogu, explaining that the child volunteered to provide shade, and the CS responded by assisting with financial support and purchasing uniforms.


During the occasion, CS Machogu seized the opportunity to award bursaries to top performers in the 2023 KCPE exams in the region, with a specific focus on students with disabilities and orphans.


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