DNG and girlfriend Fiona welcome their newborn child

DNG and his longtime girlfriend Fiona have welcomed a new bundle of joy. The relationship between the two has not been the easiest especially with some details of their relationship emerging online.

In a story headlined by Edagr Obare, Some time last year DNG was accussed by his girlfriend Fiona for physical assault and numerous cheating. They reportedly broke up after the allegations we’re made public.

Not long after their supposed public breakup, the two were spotted on vacation in the coast which made people wonder why they had made their private life public, especially on the domestic violence accusations only to get back together like nothing had happened.

Their public situation had made a lot of people feel sorry for the girlfriend, Fiona. She received many messages from concerned followers who told her to run for her life and leave the toxic relationship. Well, the advice did not work.

It has been a while since the two went under the rader due to the negative attention they had received from the public until August 19th. Fiona went to her social media and uploaded a photo from her pregnancy photoshoot that they had just become parents. The vlownery did nit stop there.

Fiona further thanked DNG for being supportive of her throughout their relationship saying;

“To @dngkenya, thanks babe for being by my side throughout the entire journey. Thanks for being patient during my emotional days. Thanks for always satisfying all my cravings sanasana Red devil na mutura za Coco Jambo specifically hehe.Thanks for being amazing babe. We now a family of 3.Am gale I’m doing this with you. We love you so much. As we start this journey of parenthood together, may God be with us.May He guide is and give us wisdom and knowledge to raise oir littleone. Am so happy as…. “

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