EduOnline Tech Startup
EduOnline Tech Startup

Ed-Tech Startup Aims to Make Online Learning Available to Everyone

Ed-Tech Startup Aims to Make Online Learning Available to Everyone.

EduOnline tech startup, created and run by LianzSly, is an affordable web-based e-learning platform that creatively satisfies the demands of students, parents, and schools by providing a distinctive online learning experience.

EduOnline, which was established during the COVID-19 pandemic, offers unrestricted access to e-learning resources, including review papers and notes, self-marking quizzes, and creative articles, to students who sign up on a computer or mobile device. Through a dashboard provided by the platform, users can quickly monitor their e-learning effectiveness and obtain insights into areas that could use improvement.

“Unlike other e-learning platforms, EduOnline caters to the emotional needs of the learner through its interactive dashboard that students can use to share experiences, creative articles, and ask and respond to questions from other learners on the platform on topics of mutual interest,” said Alex Adoro, Founder at LianzSly.

The platform is also intended to allay parental worries about online safety by allowing parents and guardians to set up an account to track their child’s progress in electronic learning and by limiting interactions with peers in the same grade, he continued.

It has also attracted a sizable number of sign-ups so far, and it is constantly evolving to meet all e-learning requirements. With the aid of its school-finding tool, schools can post their profiles in online directories to enhance visibility and growth while saving money on maintaining individual school websites.


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