Edgar Obare’s Insta account disappears amid Wash Wash scandal

Renowned blogger Edgar Obare has been the talk of the town in the past few days due to his wash wash expose’. Edgar Obare had a few months ago talked about some of the wash wash cartel, but not in depth. A few days ago he decided to dig deeper into the story and air all receipts.

Despite fans warning Edgar about writing on the powerful and feared cartel members, he decided to publish all the details of the dirty business. The details that emerged from the expose’ took the country by storm and everyone was invested in the series.

Some people called out the DCI for not being able to to what Edgar Obare did in less than three days. Some of the mentioned names were not happy as a video footage from a joint they frequently hanged out showed that not one of them went there after the expose’. Clearly some people were very angry.

In the expose’ there were numerous names of famous entertainers and politicians. Some of the people have come out to deny any association with the business including comedian Jalang’o who insisted he has worked so hard for his money.

Some of Edgar Obare’s fans told him to go into hiding or get out of the country as the people exposed in the wash wash business are very dangerous and are known to make dissapear anyone who interferes with their business. This did not spark any fear for Edgar. It is not the first time he has been threatened by powerful figures, let alone been arrested.

It has been almost four days since the major expose’ and now blogger Edgar has deactivated his account. His absence from social media has sparked mixed reactions with fans and followers fearing for his life.

Why do you think Edgar has gone hiatus on Instagram?

Comment down below what you think could be happening to Edgar.

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