Socialite Zari Hassan calls her husband a timid man ‘fala’

Socialite Zari Hassan calls her husband a timid man ‘fala’.

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan is currently under fire on social media after an audio file in which she refers to her husband Shakib as ‘Fala’ went viral.

In the audio, Zari exposes her husband as a timid person who shows little to no confidence when they are travelling together.

Zari confirmed that she is the one who recorded the audio and sent it to a UK based promoter known as Lady Naa.

She was informing the promoter to provide a brief to Shakib who acts nervous, whenever they are making international trips.

She went ahead and referred to him as ‘fala’, which meant a stupid person.

Zari has since revealed that the audio was leaked by a friend turned enemy, Lady Naa after she failed to grace her event.

Lady Naa had booked her for a show in the UK but Zari refused to show up even after receiving down payment.

This made Lady Naa upset prompting her to leak the audio that has now tarnished Zari’s image.

Zari has expressed her frustrations with women who leak person chats whenever disagreements emerge.

Earlier this month, Zari had responded to critics who claimed her husband Shakib Lutaaya appears sad in public.

Some fans had noticed Shakib’s ‘sad’ face and claimed that he seemed dissatisfied and unhappy with Zari in public.

In response, Zari said her husband only laughs when it is necessary.

She told another fan that Shakib is a man of few words:

“He does not have many words.” she claimed.


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