Footballer Hakimi’s ex wife told her ex husband does not have anything to his name

Fomer real Madrid star ex wife Hiba Abouk hit with surprise during divorce proceedings.

Hiba Abouk, ex wife of PSG star Achraf Hakimi during their divorce proceedings pleaded with the court to be given half of the Moroccan’s assets.

It was later realized that Hakimi had no money because everything was registered under his mother’s name.

Hakimi shares a close relationship with his mother.

Abouk is a Spanish actress of Libyan and Tunisian descent.

She has two young boys with the former Real Madrid academy graduatee.

Hakimi was indicted by an investigating judge in Paris over an allegation of rape with a police report indicating it took place on February 25 at his house, and placed under judicial supervision on March 3, 2023.

She revealed on her Instagram, on March 27 that the charges brought “shame” and that she “needed time to digest this shock.”

Hakimi has however maintained his innocence throughout the whole process.


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