Radio Listening Declines in Kenya as TV and Online Media Flourish

In Kenya, radio consumption has declined by 13% over the last decade, with only 77% of Kenyans now tuning in compared to 90% in 2014, the Kenya Media Landscape Report states.

Meanwhile, TV viewership and online access have more than doubled since 2014, with print media now consumed by only 7% of the population.

The report further states that majority of Kenyans prefer to mix their media sources, with 22.6% consuming a combination of radio, TV, and online content.

“Mobile phones play a crucial role in media consumption, with 30% of radio listeners and 9% of TV viewers accessing content via mobile devices,” the report states.

While online media access is on the rise, only about 1% of Kenyans currently access different media via online streaming.

Despite the decline in radio listenership, the number of radio stations has increased significantly, from 120 to 228 between 2015 and 2023.

This growth in media consumption and access can be attributed to factors such as the migration to digital broadcast, increased electrification efforts, and improved internet access with the proliferation of affordable smartphones and 4G technology.


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