Fridah Kajala Surprises Daughter with Toyota Crown

Fridah Kajala surprise gift for her daughter

Harmonize’s ex-fiancee Friday kajala has gifted her daughter Paula a brand new Toyota Crown car.

Kajala decided to surprise her daughter who was totally unaware of what her mother had planned for her as a surprise.

In a video that was shared on Instagram, Kajala is seen to have used a red blindfold on Paula and the two drove to a pre decorated venue, which was likely also a surprise party

On arrival, Paula was overjoyed d to see the car which was covered in ribbons and balloons and as she opened the car doors, their was also a small box on the car seat.

The Tanzanian teen socialite broke into tears as she thanked her mother for the new car she had been gifted.

Paula has been on the spotlight for a very long period of time as both her parents Fridah Kajala and P Funk Majani are famous faces in Tanzania. Paula also gained much of her fame following the relationship between her and the former wasafi signee Bongo Star Rayvanny .


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