Police using Alcoblow
Police using Alcoblow

Alcoblow makes a return on Kenyan roads

Alcoblow makes a return on Kenyan roads.

Alcoblow, a gadget that measures the level of alcohol has been brought back on Kenyan roads. The amended Traffic Bill by Tiaty MP William Kamket was signed into law on the 21st of June 2022 by President Uhuru Kenyatta in the effort to end drunk driving. The new Bill is an improvement of the initial regulations following an order given by the Court of Appeal in 2017, that commenced on July 11th, 2022.

The amended bill states that if a person attempting to drive or is driving; or is in charge of a motor vehicle on a road or any other public place, and is under the influence of an alcoholic drink or drug beyond the prescribed limits, they shall be guilty of a traffic offense.

The police will put up roadblocks across the country and ensure all drivers get tested for their intoxication levels. The gadget has three colors whereby the color green indicates someone is sober, orange means the alcohol level is within the required limit while red means the alcohol level is beyond the limit prescribed by the law which puts other road users at risk.

Anyone found guilty will face up to a fine of Ksh100,000 or two years behind bars.


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