Mark X
Mark X

Garden City Car Dealer Called Out for Scamming

Garden City Car Dealer Called Out for Scamming.

A car dealership in Garden City is getting called out for being a scam. The car dealership has been exposed after one of their listed cars surfaced and was found to be listed with the wrong information.

Images of the Mark X were uploaded which showed a previous fatal accident that had damaged most parts of its body.


Scene of accident

Scene of accident

The car dealer however decided to list the car with a ‘Accident free’ feature, which has resulted in an online uproar.

Restored Mark X

Restored Mark X

The dealership has not put out any statement regarding the issue. Some of the reactions on social platforms include;

“But why lie that the car has not been in an accident ? That’s fraudulent”

“Is there a way to know if a car had an accident when it was abroad?”

“Got an accident last year, my car was written off. Thank God the two of us in the car sustained no injuries (VOLVO). Insurance CIC) paid in full and was able to import another car (VOLVO). Last week I saw the same car Thika road. Just hoping the “new” buyer was cautioned..”

“its true its accident free because since the last time it was restored it has never been in an accident”

“Most buyers concentrate on the minor accessories like fog lights , sunroof , leather seats , alloy wheels while ignoring safety standards and mechanical state of the unit. Then they always look for “A good deal “”

“Kenyans , listen , do not let fog lights , alloy wheels and reverse camera suppress your ability to do pre inspection before buying a locally used car. We still maintain , it is not entirely bad to buy an accident car especially if the buyer is aware of the same.”


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