Nyako promises to help Brian Chira find a stable home

Nyako promises to help Brian Chira

Content creator and influencer Brian Chira has lately been hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons.

He was a while back arrested for defaming Tik Toker and radio presenter Azziad Nasenya.

He was also accused of sharing Azziad’s contacts on his live.

Days After his release, he apologized to the people he had wronged, however the apology was short-lived.

He went back to TikTok and called out celebrities such as Jalang’o and Oga Obinna.

Fellow Tik Toker Nyako has however decided to come to the aid of Brian Chira before it’s too late for him.

On her Live, Nyako said Brian Chira is at a stage where he needs love and stability in order to transform his situation.

The TikToker said she is going to get Chira a stable home even if it’s a single room so that he can have a calm place and peace of mind.

“We are going to start with a place to stay. So that you are stable. A stable home is the most important thing for you now. A place you call home hata kama ni room moja. But you know when I go there I’m going to have peace of mind than leo uko hapa, kesho uko pale, the next day unajipata in a chang’aa den, unaingia live, umetumiwa lions, you have friends, three days they laugh with you but when the money is gone they have disappeared. It is confusion. I want you to be stable.” she said

Nyako said Brian Chira is a good guy and she would hate to lose him yet he has the potential to change.


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