Get to know the Wash Wash cartel

The wash wash cartel is a big ring of powerful business people who deal in illegal businesses that are accompanied by huge sums of money. The cartels have been revealed in an expose’ by blogger Edgar Obare. Let’s begin with the first of the cartels, who is also supposedly the gang leader;

Wash Wash cartel at a party

1.Allan Chesang

Allan Chesang has been identifieid as an influential figure in the North Rift. He comes from a rich family and has also established his business as a gas supplier in the region.

The wash wash cartel is also said to marry girls from rich families to conceal their dirty business, and use the women as reference of their ‘supposed ‘ good image when vieying for political seats.

2.Jared Otieno

Jared Otieno has been said to be the second most powerful of the cartels. His power is demonstrated through his lavish and flashy lifestyle that less than 1% of Kenyans can afford. He owns several exotic properties, not mentioning the numerous luxury rides.

3.Ben Kangangi

Ben Kangangi, who happens to be TV Presenter Lilian Muli’s ex, is one of the biggest wash wash cartels. He has been involved in numerous graft cases noting his case where he conned Keroche heiress Anerlisa Ksh19 million.

He has also been noted to invest in big celebrity salons, such as the one Lilian Muli, Vera Sidika and Betty Kyallo own to enable him clean huge sums of money. The celebrities are just the face of the hidden business.

4.Dafton Mwitiki

Remember the Somali guy who disappeared without any trace? Well, his name was Dafton Mwitiki. Turns out he was deep in the dangerous cartel.

5.Juma Wahaga Mauhidi

Juma Wahaga is among the rich wash wash cartels. He is among the few individuals in Kenya who own a Rolls Royce.

6.Ben Gatu

Last but not least is Ben Gatu, who is the ex-boyfriend of Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi. Ben Gatu is also a big wash wash cartel and his involvement with a politician’s daughter proves the first theory of how these wash wash cartels prefer to get involved with politicians’ daughters for their gain.

Another source came out to reveal her ordeal while she dated one of the wash wash cartels.

Below are some pictures of the wash wash cartels.

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