How the Wash Wash cartel makes money

A man has come out and revealed how the wash wash cartel conned him. The man claimed that he lost almost Ksh 500k to the wash wash cartels, emphasizing that these cartels target the people who trust them.

So the guy says he was approached by another guy, Samuel Oyugi who knew he had earned some money after selling a car. Samuel told him that he was going to help multiply the cash, as he even does it for politicians. Mhhh… Our guy fell for the trap.

So he gave Samuel Ksh 70k and when they got to the owner of the money printing machine, Robert Riagah(the guy in the above photo), he was again asked to give out Ksh 250k so that the specific money papers can be organized.

Three million papers were delivered and the deal was Samuel and Riagah each take 20% and 10% respectively. They started printing the money of which the first few were ok, and then things went south.

After the batch had come out, excuses began. Samuel and Riagah started making fake phone calls, in loud speaker saying that the machine’s software had expired.The guy on the other end of the phonecall would ask for Ksh180k to update the software.

That is when he knew he had lost the money, and had to start bargaining with them. When the bargain failed, he was forced to dig deep into his pocket again and cash out Ksh90k for the machine to be taken to the lab for check-up, and that was the last time he saw his money, the two con guys. The cat and mouse chase did not bear any fruits.

Whenever he used to ask for his money he would be lied to in different ways. He also revealed that the police have never done anything with his complains.

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