Vincent Mboya, Man assisted by Jalang’o gets heavy criticism

Vincent Mboya, Man assisted by Jalang’o gets heavy criticism.

Netizens have criticized a 21-year-old man known as Vincent Mboya who said he wants to return Ksh 18,000 that he was assisted as rent payment by Comedian and Radio presenter Jalang’o. The young man came out in public with a placard asking the Comedian for help, well now he issued a 48-hour ultimatum to Jalang’o for him to go and pick up his money.

Netizens on social media have faulted Mboya, who had asked for the very amount he wants to refund when he was about to be evicted from his house. Many of those who reacted to the story of Mboya said he was an ungrateful person, with comments like:

“What he saved you from cannot be repaid for it cannot be quantified. Be a humble young man and work hard so that you can be self-reliant and also help others.”

George Kayo said: “He was needy and poor at the time, let him use whatever he has to grow and not prove a point as for the belittling. It could be wise if he turned it into a self-motivation mantra.”

Kate Mirodho wrote: “If u were so able on your own why didn’t you pay it directly to the landlord back then? Arrogance is bad.”

Kennedy Osingo wrote: “In my experience, this young man is really ungrateful and full of pride.”

Hon Alinur Mohamed said: “Some people don’t deserve any help at all. The people you helped talk bad always.”

“Jalang’o belittled me” Mboya had taken offence at the parting shot of the advice given to him by the Comedian when he paid his rent. He said he was offended by the Comedian’s choice of words, stating that he was belittled due to his low stature. He asked Jalang’o to shun “curse words” now that he is setting himself up to serve Kenyans as a member of parliament.


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