Google Doodle Today Celebrates Leap Year 2024

Leap Day, the rare February 29th, arrived with a spring in its step (or rather, a leap) as Google unveiled a delightful animated doodle.

The playful scene featured a frog taking a mighty leap from a lily pad, symbolizing the unique occurrence of the extra day.

As the frog gracefully soared through the air, the number “29” disappeared, replaced by “28” on one side and “1” on the other, signifying the transition to March.

Google’s accompanying message offered a cheerful “Ribbiting news, it’s Leap Day!” alongside a brief explanation of the day’s significance in keeping calendars aligned with Earth’s solar orbit.

Google concluded by encouraging everyone to “Hop you have a good one!”

This isn’t the first time Google has used its doodles to celebrate Leap Day. In 2020, they similarly featured a “jumping for joy” doodle, highlighting the joy and extra time the day brings.


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