Carrol Sonie reveals she changed her daughter’s name

Carol Sonnie changes daughter’s name.

Carol Sonnie, Mulamwahs ex has shared that her daughter Keilah has a new name after removing Mulamwah’s Surname.

While engaging in a Q&A with her fans, she opened up about how she decided to have her baby daddy’s surname removed from their daughter’s name.

The content creator share that she has officially changed her daughter’s name and dropping her father’s name.

Carol revealed that her daughters name no longer is as ‘Keilah Oyando’ but is now, ‘Keilah Khloe Wangoi Muthoni’.

“Keilah anaitwa aje apart from Keilah Khloe ama zote ni English names?”asked a fan.

“No zote si English names anaitwa Keilah… Please make sure, blogs kujeni hapa karibuni, screenshot this. Keilah is called Keilah Khloe Wangoi Muthoni. Thank you very much for that question,”replied carol Sonnie.

The decision appears to be a result of irreconcilable issues with Mulamwah, especially after he publicly denied their daughter, who Sonnie humorously noted is a “carbon copy” of him.

“The most painful thing as a mother: Imagine your baby resembling her father who rejected her,” she said.

When questioned about her relationship status, she confirmed being in a relationship but playfully noted that he remains camera shy.

Mulamwah and Sonnie split in December 2021, merely three months after Keilah’s birth. Mulamwah moved on and is expecting a child with wife, Ruth K.


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