Harmonize announces 30-day celibacy journey

Harmonize announces 30-day celibacy journey

Bongo artist Harmonize has announced that he is on a celibacy journey and his target is 30 days.

The musician said he is practicing celibacy and is on his 5th day without being intimate with anyone.

While announcing his plan, Harmonize said he is sure it will be successful since he is not with anyone right now.

This hinted at a possible Breakup With his Rwandan girlfriend Yolo queen adding that long distance relationships are tough.

He went ahead to use his popular catchphrase, “I am single again.”

Harmonize introduced his new girlfriend in May this year and revealed that they were good friends for four years and no girl he has ever dated can compare to her.

“Yes naweza 30 days bila kwichi kwichi!! Coz sipo na yeyote kwa sasa!! 🤦‍♂️Long distance relationship 🤯!!!! You will never ever see any girl to my house till ndio mwanamke wa maisha yangu! Nitake muowa.” he said

Harmonize said the 30 days journey will be proof that he is matured and he can get a wife and settle down, knowing he won’t cheat on her even when she is away on a trip.

He added that he will not invite any woman to his house unless she is the one he intends to marry.

He shared that any woman who will be seen with him from now on is either a business partner or a friend.


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