Socialite Shakilla reveals why she overlooks Kenyan men while dating

Socialite Shakilla reveals what type of men she prefers

Kenyan Socialite Shakilla has shared details on her life preferences and her love life.

In an interview, the 20 year old said she has never been in a serious relationship but she has been in several situationships.

She revealed that her main goal is to be with rich men since she needs money to finance her lifestyle.

She admitted that she is a gold digger since she must ask a man for money to cater for her expenses.

Shakilla went on to reveal that she is still queen of the streets and she is not looking to settle down until she is around 25 years.

She said she cannot date Kenyan men since they are stingy and they don’t give cash according to her expectations.

She added that she prefers Nigerian men since they know how to treat women and they are good in bed.

On the question of her body count, Shakilla said she cannot remember how many she has been with, but this year only, the number is between 100 and 150 men.

The socialite said her future husband must be really rich inorder to afford her dowry.

She maintained that her dowry is 20 Million bride price, 100 Camels, 450,000 shopping voucher, real estate property under her name, 2020 Range Rover Velar and Monthly babe allowance of 200,000


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