Harmonize shares HIV status on his IG

Harmonize shares his HIV status on his IG.

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has decided to show his fans his HIV Status.

The singer has been hitting headlines for different reasons recently and this time he decided to share his HIV test results with his online fans.

Harmonize shared a picture of the HIV test kit that showed he was negative for the virus.

This is however the fourth time the CEO is making his status public.

He shared his HIV test results months after he shared the last results.

In April, he asked his female fans to ask their partners to take a test and see what they will be told.

Just after breaking up with actress Kajala, Harmonize had also shared the results on social media.

The singer posted the results of his HIV status on his IG after taking the tests.

The Bongo star also showed video evidence of the test to prove that he was safe from the virus.

Recently, Harmonize declared he was single and back to the streets after breakup with his Rwandan Girlfriend Phiona.

A few days ago he released a song asking Hamisa Mobetto to let him be her side guy for a while.


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