Akothee holds a lavish bridal shower

Akothee holds a lavish bridal shower.

Kenyan singer Akothee is all set for her wedding with her Mzungu bae Omosh.

Akothee held a lavish bridal shower with close friends and family celebrating her last days as a single woman ahead of her wedding which is tomorrow 10th April 2023.

The latest addition to her bridal team is daughter Fancy Makadia, whom she welcomed back to Kenya from Paris a few days ago.

Her three daughters will be present to witness her walk down the aisle however her two sons are out of the country with their biological dad.

In a previous post on Instagram, she said her wedding will cost Ksh 7 million.

She also claimed that she bought her Switzerland wedding dress by Mery’s for Ksh 700,000 and shoes for over Ksh 100,000.


Akothee told online in-laws that she had only been married once and is looking forward to being married again real soon.


Previously, Akothee said that she had limited invitation cards to her wedding. Those who wanted to attend would get the invitation card at Ksh 6,500.

The mother of five took to her socials saying that those attending the ceremony must bring her gifts.

In another post, she urged fans who will not attend the wedding to send her gifts by donating dry foodstuffs and toiletries to her Foundation so that she can go back to Turkana and help the needy.


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