Infinix Steals MWC Spotlight with Award-Winning Gaming Tech and Innovations

Infinix won multiple “Best of MWC 2024” awards for its cutting-edge AI-powered mobile gaming technology showcased at the event. This technology, featuring the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipset and Infinix’s CoolMax system, achieved a record-breaking AnTuTu benchmark score of 2,215,639, promising an unparalleled mobile gaming experience.

Beyond gaming, Infinix also impressed with other innovations like the Infinix AirCharge, E-Color Shift technology, and Extreme-Temp Battery. These advancements earned them recognition in various categories, including “Best of Showstopper MWC 2024” by Gadgety Awards and “Best of MWC 2024” by GadgetMatch. Other notable awards include:

  • Best in Show MWC 2024 (E-Color Shift Technology) by TrustedReviews
  • Best of MWC 2024 (E-Color Shift Technology) by Yanko Design
  • Best Product of MWC 2024 (AirCharge) by FoneArena
  • Best of MWC 2024: Best Phone (E-Color Shift Technology) by Mashable Middle East

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