List of the Coastal Innovation Hubs

Nairobi has long been the hub of Kenya’s tech scene, nicknamed Silicon Savannah.

This is partly due to the country’s impressive connectivity: almost 9 out of 10 Kenyans have a mobile phone, and Kenya boasts some of the fastest mobile internet globally.

Furthermore, decentralization introduced in 2010 empowered counties to explore tech solutions for their local economies, attracting even more donors and investors to the Kenyan tech landscape.

Coastal Innovation Hubs in Kenya

Kenya’s coastal region is home to a thriving ecosystem of innovation hubs that support entrepreneurs and businesses. These hubs provide essential resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help startups and Small and Medum Enterprises (SMEs) grow and scale.

Here’s an overview of three prominent coastal hubs:

Swahilipot Hub in Mombasa empowers youth in tech and creative sectors to develop tech solutions addressing community needs. Through incubation, co-working space, mentorship, funding access, and workshops, they foster innovation, social impact, and digital inclusion to build a brighter future for Mombasa.

Sote Hub (Nyali): Focuses on supporting businesses in tourism, culture, and creative industries. They offer incubation, co-working space, mentorship, access to funding, and workshops.

Close the Gap Mombasa: A branch of Close the Gap focusing on bridging the digital divide in Mombasa. They offer co-working space, maker space, computer refurbishment/recycling, incubation programs, and workshops, promoting entrepreneurship and sustainable practices.

Supports agribusiness, education, and environmental sustainability ventures. They offer similar programs as Sote Hub, with a focus on digital inclusion through refurbished computers, training, and fostering innovation.

IOME 001 Innovation Hub (Mombasa): A project of the Kenya Red Cross Society. This hub empowers youth and women through technology and innovation, offering training, mentorship, co-working space, access to technology, and focuses on bridging the digital divide, nurturing talent, and supporting entrepreneurship.

If you are an innovator in the region, you can join these hubs and meet like-minded people.


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