Is Juliani the reason for Lilian and Alfred Mutua’s separation?

In a video that has surfaced, the musician Juliani and former Machakos county first lady are seen having a good time at a party hosted by the former Chief Justice, Willy Mutunga. It is not the first time Juliani has been seen with the ex-wife of the Governor of Machakos.

At first social media did not make anything of the two, Juliani and Lilian, being spotted together until a while ago when Lilian, the ex-wife of Machakos Governor Mutua, uploaded a post on her social media confirming her break-up with the Governor.

The statement made by Lilian caught netizens by surprise as the two are known to have been together for 10 years, even before Alfred Mutua clinched his Governatorial seat.

The speculations surrounding the break-up were pointed out to the time the Governor was involved in scandal with a girl, who claimed they had secretly been dating and she was even expecting the Governor’s child.Well, the tables have now turned and all eyes are on the famous musician Juliani.

This change of direction comes after a source revealed to Edgar Obare that the Governor’s ex-wife was spotted at a restaurant with the musician. This was not a usual sighting as at that time Lilian and the Governor had not said anything about not being together.

This news has seen observers trace the moments the Governor’s ex-wife has been seen with the musician and speculations that the two could have started dating long-ago is being engrained in people’s minds.

The possibility that Juliani and Lilian could have started dating a long time back has been hitting people the wrong way as at this moment there is no clear reason as to why Lilian and the Governor broke-up.

Their break-up has brought forward a puzzle that has been challenging to solve.

What do you thing might have caused the break-up between the longtime love birds?

You be the judge.

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