Josh Wonder accuses Ajib Gathoni of cheating on him multiple times

Josh Wonder accuses Ajib Gathoni of cheating on him multiple times.

Kenyan TikToker Josh Wonder has continued to give updates on why he broke up with award winning dancer Ajib Gathoni.

Speaking in an interview, he said that Ajib started seeing other men from November up until February.

However, his love for her pushed him to compromise and he hoped that it would eventually stop but it kept happening to a point he decided enough was enough for him.

Josh accused Ajib of having multiple affairs with different men and claimed that she wasn’t remorseful enough to end the affairs and respectful to him.

” In a relationship it is wrong to have an affair, for me I tried to compromise from November to February but it kept happening, I am a person who can forgive cheating because I know we are human beings and it can happen, so if it happens once we can work together to rectify it, but it didn’t happen once, it kept on happening.” he said.

A few days ago, Josh had shared that towards the end of their relationship, Ajib tried to kick him out of the house they were sharing.

He revealed that she secretly called the owner of the house in an attempt to change the names in the tenant agreement but unfortunately for her, Josh had listed his brother as his next of kin.

Yesterday when responding to a fan, Ajib claimed that Josh was lying and the story was generated.

She also said Josh has the intentions of destroying her brand but he will not succeed.


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