Jowie Irungu found guilty of murdering Monica Kimani

Jowie Irungu found guilty of murdering Monica Kimani.

The high court has declared that Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu was indeed present at Monica Kimani’s residence on the day of her murder. According to Justice Grace Nziokato, substantial evidence indicates that Jowie was the last individual seen with Monica at her Lamuria Gardens residence. Justice Nzioka emphasized the credibility of a protected witness who not only identified Jowie during the identification parade but also corroborated his presence at the scene. Furthermore, it was revealed that Jowie gained entry to the estate where Monica resided using an identity card belonging to another individual.

“It is the finding of this court that the first accused person was in the deceased house on the material date and he was the last person to be seen with the deceased. The evidence of the protected witness is that Harun whom he identified on the parade as the first accused person left that house at 23.00 and no one else went to that house,” she said.

“It is the evidence of this witness that the deceased’s Sudanese boyfriend was not in Kenya. And there is evidence that the deceased was supposed to travel the following day to go to Dubai to meet the Sudanese boyfriend and business and holiday,”

Justice Nzioka, presiding at the Milimani Law Courts, is delivering her verdict on a case that has spanned over five years. The judgment was postponed twice, with Maribe’s attorney, Katwa Kigen, citing her illness during the last adjournment. Jowie stands as the primary defendant in the murder trial of Monica, charged alongside Jacque Maribe in 2018. Monica was discovered deceased at her residence in Lamuria Gardens, situated on Kitale Lane off Denis Pritt Road in Kilimani. Both defendants have been undergoing trial since 2018, during which the prosecution has presented testimony from 35 witnesses.


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