“Keroche Can Finance 2 Counties.” Tabitha Karanja

"Keroche Can Finance 2 Counties." Tabitha Karanja.
"Keroche Can Finance 2 Counties." Tabitha Karanja.

“Keroche Can Finance 2 Counties.” Tabitha Karanja.

Keroche founder Tabitha Karanja has disclosed that she pays employees Over Ksh 20M  in Monthly Salaries. She explained she employs professionals to run Kenya’s second-largest brewer.

The businesswoman regretted the company had been subjected to punitive taxes since it was launched 25 years ago. Tabitha, who has declared interest in the Nakuru senatorial seat, maintained she was keen about fighting for entrepreneurs who have borne the brunt of poor governance.

She also dismissed claims she runs her company like a kiosk. The successful woman entrepreneur explained she has employed outstanding professionals to run her brewery.

“It is important that the public knows my exact role at Keroche. I am not a brewer, am not an engineer. I am but an administrator. So how is our company run like a kiosk when we have top-notch professionals in every department managing the brewery?” she said.

She also added that the company pays its employees well and has created direct and indirect employment opportunities for thousands of Kenyans.

“Keroche salaries alone are above Ksh 20m per month. Imagine the ripple effect to other partners in the distribution and supply chain. This is a value addition industry that is supporting the whole country. People should equip themselves with information before talking,” she added.

She regretted that her business was run in an unlevel playing field as multinational products were zero-rated at the expense of locally manufactured goods.

She said that if Keroche operates at full capacity, it can pay KSh 21 billion to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) in duty alone, enough to finance two counties for one financial year.

“Keroche has two beer packaging lines of 40,000 bottles per hour. The second line is the one for 15,000 bottles per hour. If the brewery operates at full capacity, with Ksh 121.85 excise duty on beer per litre = 56,964,875 per day and KSh 1,481,086,750 per month and Ksh 17,773,041,000 per year as tax to the exchequer.

For Spirits, our filling speed is 10k bottles per hour and at full capacity, and with excise duty of spirits being Ksh 278.70/litre, tax per day= Ksh 11,114,800, tax per month = KSh 278.7m and for a year = Ksh 3,344,400,000. The projected annual tax would be Ksh 21 billion.” She narrated.

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