Diana Marua and Bahati’s daughter Heaven starts school

Diana Marua and Bahati’s daughter Heaven starts school. 

Due to Covid, the new school calendars show a new term has started and 3 and 4-year-olds will have to start joining schools. Diana Marua’s first-born daughter Heaven Bahati is one of many, and her mom was delighted and shared it on social media.

The mother of three Heaven, Majesty and Morgan Bahati said she was so grateful for the journey God has brought her and shared a post where she wrote,

There Goes All Our Blessings 😇🙏 First Day In School for @HEAVENBAHATI new school For @Morgan_bahati @Blake_n_Blair and @JeremyKit
I feel for my Baby @MajestyBahati he is now home alone 😭

Fans were quick to send their congratulatory messages to Diana.

Heaven was just born the other day. The fact that she is already joining school makes us believe that indeed time is flying really fast! One fan wrote

Chantilly school is the best good choice mama❤️❤️❤️

Congratulations, what’s the name of the school?

Chantilly hapa tu najua??

Its Heaven’s poses for me”�😍

I know these kids are gonna make u proud❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yeeeeish, all the best to them and God’s blessings❤️❤️�

The comment section was filled with fans who congratulated her and were happy for her. The celebrity mom and her sister Michelle recently through a YouTube video revealed the kind of childhood that they had.

Now that Heaven has already started school, she is not a kid anymore. Soon, she will be in senior high school. We know that Diana will, as always be a good mother, in Heaven’s new journey.

Fans were however quick to point out that Heaven was enrolled in a cheap school as Heaven’s fee structure read Ksh 30,000 only. Diana and her husband Bahati travel to places like Dubai and one would expect them to take their kids to big and expensive schools.


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