Ambrose Rachiel
Ambrose Rachiel

Lawyer Ambrose Rachiel Reveals Details on How to Join Freemason

Lawyer Ambrose Rachiel Details How to Join Freemason.

Renowned Lawyer and Lecturer Ambrose Rachiel has revealed what it takes to become a member of Freemason. Speaking to NTV, Ambrose divulged details of the operations of the infamous society and explained how he has risen in the ranks over the years.

Ambrose revealed that he joined the private organization in 1994 and is now one of the most senior members. The lawyer explains that for someone to join the elite society, one has to be well-known to a member, who in turn invites them to the organization, and if approved by another member they officially join the society.

The lawyer explains that the main objective of the organization is to do charitable activities with the aim of helping humanity. He strongly refutes claims that the organization is satanic and follows a set of guidelines, revealing that even the first phrase when you enter the masonic hall is a phrase from the Bible that says; I shall build you a house and you shall establish your throne forever and distances the claims of Satanism.

He also added that the society is not limited to any religion as the members range from Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, and even Atheists. He says that for one to be a member they have to be a good person and ready to do charitable work.


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