Nairobi County Memo
Nairobi County Memo

Nairobi County Begins Revoking Noisy Drinking Joints’ Licenses

Nairobi County Begins Revoking Noisy Drinking Joints’ Licenses.

In a Memo released today, the director of Liquor Licensing in Nairobi County has stated some of the reasons why licensed liquor premises will be losing their operating licenses. The head of Licensing says despite complaints from residents regarding noisy entertainment establishments, they have continued to defy the guidelines required under the licensing conditions. The Memo states;

“…The complaints have also been received by the county Environment Compliance and Enforcement officers and despite arrests and arraignment in court, the proprietors have refused to comply…”


The Memo notes that there has been arrests of the perpetrators which has come to light in the past few days as the fight against noisy entertainment joints gains momentum. A list of the premises has also been attached to the Memo and closure is expected to commence soon.

“…By a copy of this Memo, you are instructed to start the process of cancellation, revocation, and closing down the under-listed premises…”

List of Clubs


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