LG introduces its Side-by-Side and Top Freezer refrigerator lineup for 2022

LG introduces its Side-by-Side and Top Freezer refrigerator lineup for 2022.

The newest Side-by-Side and Top Freezer refrigerators from LG Electronics (LG) has been announced, including new design innovations and improved functions for 2022.

One of the sleek new versions, which offers upscale design and better user convenience, is equipped with LG’s tried-and-true technology for maximizing food freshness as well as an improved InstaView Door-in-Door.

Making his statements during the launch, Managing Director of LG East Africa, Sa Nyoung Kim said:

The new lineup meets the growing demand for refrigerators that offer good design, better convenience, and hygiene and health features that help protect consumers and their loved ones.

By being energy-efficient and effective at extending food freshness, LG’s fridges are ready to take life in the kitchen to a whole new level.

Since its debut in 2015, LG Door-in-Door has improved kitchen convenience. It has been further improved for the new Side-by-Side lineup. The most recent versions feature a flat stainless-steel design that gives an improved sense of aesthetic harmony and proportion. The seamless design readily blends in with other kitchen appliances, contributing to the establishment of a serene, warm, and refined atmosphere.

The tinted glass panel covers the entire upper half of the right-hand door on the InstaView refrigerators of this year, giving them a more streamlined appearance. Users can now see more of the stored content thanks to an increase in the size of the InstaView window itself. With just two simple taps on the glass of the transparent door, LG InstaView illuminates the interior of the refrigerator, and the Door-in-Door prevents cold air loss by givinga great place to keep things you use often close at hand.

This latest Side-by-Side and Top Freezers refrigerators is a game changer. As a distributor, we are happy to partner with LG electronics in ensuring consumers receive quality cost-effective products that offer convenience, are environment friendly and are easy to use right at their doorstep. This offers us an opportunity to better consumers’ lives and make a positive social impact.

Added the Managing Director of Opalnet, LGs official and main distributor for the last 10 years, Rakesh Singh.

The UltraSleek Flat Door™ design, which integrates cleverly concealed but easily obtainable handles, and the new water dispenser, which is incorporated into the design itself and includes an intuitive touch control panel, extends the smooth and modern aesthetic of the 2022 Side-by-Side lineup.

The new Side-by-Side refrigerators use LG’s  UVnano™ technology, which utilizes the energy of ultraviolet light to protect the water dispenser tap from possibly hazardous germs – without the user being required to move so much as a finger. This technology was developed in response to the increasing consumer demand for hygiene- and health-centric features and improved user comfort.

To eliminate up to 99.99 percent of bacteria from the refrigerator’s dispenser tap, UVnano runs automatically once every hour. Users can enjoy freshly filtered water from a hygienically clean dispenser tap anytime they need it by quickly pressing a button to activate the UVnano feature, which provides a greater sense of safety.

Any refrigerator’s primary function is to maintain food longer and fresher. And LG’s new collection succeeds at accomplishing just that, preserving fresh food products crisp and juicy for up to seven days, thanks to LINEARCooling™ and DoorCooling+™.

LINEARCooling reduces temperature variations, which are the main reason why food spoils, and DoorCooling+ quickly and evenly distributes cold air throughout the refrigerator’s interior and door compartment.

The LG  ThinQ™ app offers even more value by allowing consumers to control, monitor, and diagnose their refrigerators, as well as view how much power they are using and get notifications if the door has been left open. Additionally, LG’s ThinQ comes with Smart Learner, a function that can learn from how people use their refrigerators to enhance cooling capacity and energy efficiency.

In addition to these capabilities, the new LG refrigerator lineup offers more storage space for the refrigerator and freezer than the previous lineup.


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