Man goes partially blind trying to break World Record for longest cry

Man goes partially blind trying to break World Record for longest cry.

A Nigerian man partially went blind in an attempt to break Guiness World Records by Crying for 7 Days.

Tembu Ebere cried his eyes out as he tried to bawl for nonstop for a whole week after he began a 100 hour crying marathon .

He however suffered headaches, a swollen face and puffy eyes before going partially blind for 45 minutes.

He said he was determined to complete his mission and restrategise by reducing his wailing although it wouldn’t count since he had not applied to the Guiness World Record.

Guinness World Record has seen a surge in record-breaking attempts from Nigeria in recent months, sparked by a chef’s four day cooking marathon that caught the public’s attention.

The 26 year-old, Hilda Baci, managed 93 hours 11 minutes, which was enough to break the previous cooking marathon record set in India in 2019.

Her success brought other attempts from people in different activities including the longest time spent singing, praying, and even kissing.

Elsewhere, a masseuse tried to set a massage endurance record but collapsed after 50 hours.

Guinness World Records itself has urged Nigerians to go easy and advised hopefuls to liaise with the body, or risk their records not being recognized.


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