Marya Prude mourns her child

Willis Raburu’s ex-wife Marya Prude has been having a hard time with the loss of her child. She lost her child after giving birth which made her at some point, stop believing in God.

Just recently she uploaded a post with a message towards famous musician Lil Nas X, who used a pregnant album cover in the anticipation of dropping his new album.

Her message said, “I wish he knew how difficult it is for some people to get pregnant, even impossible for some. But you know, let me shut my petty mouth up.”

Marya had also recently in an interview opened up about her life after losing her daughter, Adana. The loss was unbearable to an extent that her marriage to Willis Raburu ended in a divorce. Luckily her family was there for her. Her family is close knit and they had her back throughout the tough times, especially her parents.

Marya seems to still be battling with the loss of Baby Adana as yesterday she uploaded a cryptical message to her Insta stories. The message said,

“My child did exist. I’ve lost a child, I hear myself say. And the person I’m talking to just turns away. Now why did I tell them, I don’t understand. It wasn’t for sympathy or to get a helping hand. I just want them to know I’ve lost someone dear. I want them to know my child was here. My child left something behind which no one can see. So, I’ve upset you, I’m sorry as can be. You’ll have to forgive me, I could not resist. I just want you to know that my child did exist.”

We pray she finds healing.



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