Kama unastep kanyaga kubwa kubwa : Says Willis Raburu about his ex

Media personality Willis Raburu put himself on the spot after a topic of discussion on his breakfast show. The topic was,” being friends with an ex”. All eyes were on Raburu, especially after how things ended between him and his ex, Marya Prude. A few months after their divorce was finalized, Willis moved on with Ivy Namu, and the two now have a child together.
The panel seemed to be really invested in the topic, but as for Willis, he was doing the bare minimum. Asking questions as the host and not saying much. There was one part where he seemed to have forgotten about how he was not supposed to ‘comment’.

One of the panelists, Shatta, commented “some people leave their partners and then try to come back into their lives.” Willis Raburu’s response was so loud and clear. He was heard saying, kama unastep kanyaga kubwa kubwa.
The other panelist, writer Roberta Bobbie, made it clear that if you have an ex who is a friend, why would you want to mess up your current relationship? Again, Willis was heard saying yeah yeah. If you can’t do it, then you can’t do it. It is not a must for you to be friends with your ex. To which Willis seemed to be strongly agreeing to everything that she was saying.

The minute Willis Raburu and Marya Prude went public with their relationship; fans decided to keep up with them. Especially after their secret wedding. Fast forward to a few months later, and the two were expecting a baby. The two kept their pregnancy a secret until they dropped the bombshell and revealed they had lost their baby during birth. The couple decided to get matching tattoos to pay tribute to their lost child, Adana.
In between that, it came to the public’s attention that they were going separate ways. What followed was Marya posting suggestive quotes on social media and many wondered whether they were directed to her ex. At some point, judging by her social media, she seemed to be bitter about something. No one will ever understand Marya Prude’s pain. If she felt like posting quotes on social media was the way to ease her pain, then that is what we are here for.

Coincidentally, when Willis welcomed his baby with Ivy Namu,Marya Prude decided to cover her tattoo (Adana’s name) with a rose flower. Her move sparked several reactions from her fans because earlier, she revealed that was the only memory of Adana that she was left with, why would she then cover it?

Willis Raburu and Ivy Namu have really tried to keep their relationship low-key. Compared to when he was with Marya, clearly, social media did him more harm than good. Ivy and Willis were recently spotted together in public for the FIRST time.
Would you be friends with your ex? Ama akistep akanyage kubwa kubwa? How Willis reserved his comments on the show has raised a lot of reactions on social media

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