Mike Sonko warns his fans against tattooing his face and name

Mike Sonko warns his fans against Tattooing his face and name.

Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko has asked fans to stop tattooing his name and face on their bodies as a way of showing their love for him.

The former governor assured his fans that he has love for them just the way they are and he will continue appreciating them even without the tattoos.

“Nafurahia your loyal support pia mimi nawapenda but please, mimi nitawapenda bila tatoos because mwili wako ni yako na bwana yako na ya Mungu.” he said

This comes days after a Murang’a woman, Maryanne Njoki tattooed Mike Sonko’s Face on Her Thigh.

In an interview, the mother of two said she drew the tattoo out of love and appreciation for Sonko.

She revealed that she loves Sonko because of the work he does and his support for the less fortunate in the society and she felt that she needed to show him some love for his good work.

She shared that she did not get the tattoo to chase clout or fame and unlike with other tattoos that she has, she did not post the tattoo on social media until the artist asked her to.

Maryanne’s wish was to meet Mike sonko in person and maybe hug him as an appreciation of his good work.

Mike Sonko said he is willing to support Maryanne Njoki as a fan but advised fans against getting his tattoos.

“Yule dem wa Murang’a ntatafuta number yake akuje sababu yeye ni loyal supporter ntaangalia vile ntamsupport kimaisha but tafadhalini wacheni kujichorachora majina zangu na sura yangu.” he added

Sonko agreed to the hug on condition that it would be respectable he also warned that he would not meet another person who had a tattoo of him.


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