Miss P quits music

Miss P quits music

Kenyan artist Miss P has revealed why she quit music and deleted all of her social media accounts.

Speaking in an interview, she said she is not on any social media platform because being a celebrity especially a female artist is so overwhelming here in Kenya.

She said she realized we are living in the end of times and she wouldn’t want Jesus to come back and find her doing something that doesn’t glorify him.

” I know people will find this is a joke but for a while I was thinking about this alot. I realized there is a difference between being spiritual and religious. I am a believer of Jesus Christ, I have always been in salvation. I don’t know if people realize we are living in the end times, and I wouldn’t want to be found by Jesus doing contrary to what God expects.” she said.

She recalled that the moment she deleted her accounts and cleared her name, she felt at peace as if that’s how it was meant to be.

She added that she was also frustrated hopping from one management to another, one label to another and history repeating itself especially male colleagues having ulterior motives towards her.

The singer and vocalist was signed under Willy Paul’s Saldido record label.

During that time,she featured in hit songs such as Liar, fall in love, Tired and Mashallah.

Barely one year after joining the label, she left after a scandalous fall out with her boss.

She claimed that Willy Paul had sexually abused her on several occasions.

She was later signed by Eric Omondi and they even released ‘baby shower’ song.

Miss P said she is not looking forward to making a comeback in music ever again.


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