Karen Nyamu responds to people claiming Samido beat her up

Karen Nyamu responds to people claiming Samido beat her up.

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has today decided to respond to online fans after her viral ‘black eye’ photo attracted various reactions from Kenyans.https://sirikali.com/karen-nyamu-writes-samidohs-name-on-her-cheek/

The story came up after a photo of her looking sad with a swollen right eye went viral.

The photo was taken during a Scout and Girl Guide function in Nyeri.

Some Fans claimed the eye was as a result of the consequence of gender-based assault.https://sirikali.com/karen-nyamu-accuses-samidoh-of-domestic-violence/

A fan shared the photo under Samidoh’s Wife Edday’s Facebookpost, claiming Nyamu has been assaulted.

The fan said that even after the mother of three gifted the Mugithi singer an alcoholic drink worth over KSh 420,000, he still assaulted her.

Edday Nderitu decided to responded to the fan saying,

“hizo huwa kama prescription.”

In response, Karen Nyamu called out those who use gender based violence as a way to make jokes and circulate rumours.

“So watu wanamake fun of gender based violence especially watu wale hawanilike, they think that gender-based violence is something you can use to settle scores or something you should wish on your enemies and these are women. We can’t be this ignorant in this day and age. Gender-based violence is a serious issue.” she said.

She continued by saying that while she had previously suffered gender-based abuse, it wasn’t happening right now.

“I personally have been a victim in the past and I’m not one to keep quiet about such a thing ama kuficha. I have raised it with the person who could have been the person who people think has hit me, he insisted I should disregard rumors.”she added.



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