Mitchell Ntalami Says She Warned Edwin Chiloba

Mitchell Ntalami says she warned Edwin Chiloba about his relationship with Jackton Odhiambo multiple times.

Mitchell Ntalami said that Edwin Chiloba had a very good heart and couldn’t let go of Jackton even after the warnings she had given him and having his heart broken so many times by Jackton.

Miitchell Ntalami said she is in mourning of the death of Fashion Designer and model Edwin Chiloba who she said was a very close friend.

Sharing on Instagram, Mitchell said they had talked so many times about his relationship with Jackton Odhiambo and she occasionally told him that was not love from the latter.

” It is painful that he who claimed to love you broke your heart over and over and eventually took your life. We talked about it so many times that was not love. But that pure heart of yours would not let go.”

Mitchell Ntalami remembered Edwin Chiloba as a person who spread love and light when he was in a room, a person who stood for love, truth, kindness, authenticity, style and laughter all the time.

She shared how he travelled all the way from Eldoret to Nairobi just to give her flowers at a time when she was going through alot in her life.

The entrepreneur took time to thank the model for supporting her business and being by her side when she needed him the most.
She added that it is sad to see such a talented young person receiving global recognition in such a tragic way and he deserved more.

“Humanity has lost the kind of person who made sure they spent every waking minute spreading pure unadulterated love. That is the kind of friend I have lost”, she said.


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