Socialite Shakilla Claims Canadian Rapper Tory Lanez Paid Her Ksh 300K

Socialite Shakilla Claims She Was Paid More Than 300,000 by Canadian Rapper Tory Lanez Back in 2020.

Kenyan Socialite Shakilla has revealed that she pocketed over Ksh 300,000 after she danced for Canadian rapper Tory Lanez back in 2020 during lockdown.

When the whole world was on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic back in 2020, Shakilla went live with the hip-hop artist Tory Lanez who was at that time hosting millions of people all around the world on his Instagram live.

Tory Lanez then gave Shakilla an opportunity to perform for his Instagram fans. At first, she obliged but after some time she started stripping and twerking with her hands on the floor while Tory was still live .

Shakilla’s twerking video wasn’t that long but the few seconds it was up, it had caught the attention of a lot of people, not only in the country but across the globe.

For a long time, Shakilla became the talk of town while on social media platforms and even trended on Twitter for days, many criticized her for her actions and the far she went to please an international super star who didn’t even know her.
Shakilla seemed to not care and still doesn’t care because she brought out the story again but this time, she bragged about the amount she was paid at the end of the day.


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