Mother of late Brenda Kawira believes her daughter was killed

Mother of late Brenda says she does not believe her daughter committed suicide.

Catherine Gakii, the mother to the late Brenda Kawira has shared reasons why the family has doubts that their daughter took her own life.

Brenda died on February 21, 2023 after falling from the fourth floor of an apartment building that she shared with her boyfriend in Ngumba estate.

In an interview, the mother said she was aware that things were not as good as they looked, from what her daughter told her a few days before her death.

Catherine said her daughter had called her to complain about her relationship with her boyfriend Dj Dela, and had promised to reveal more once she visits her in their home in Tharaka nithi.

Dj Dela had called Brenda’s sister and told her things were not good.

He said they needed to travel to Nairobi because Brenda had fallen without sharing much information to her.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, Brenda’s sister Bridget Gacheri said what DJ Dela told her and what he told the police was not the same thing.

“At first he said Brenda jumped off the balcony after an altercation with him. Then he later told me that she tried to climb down the balcony after she saw one of their neighbours successfully do so previously.” she said.

The family says when they got to Nairobi and went to Kasarani Police Station where the matter was reported, police had already concluded that Brenda died by suicide, going by the boyfriend’s word.

They further said the house where Brenda is believed to have died from should have been treated as a crime scene by the police but they allowed DJ Dela to continue living there even after what happened.

A post-mortem report conducted in the presence of Brenda’s family said she had impact on the chest which was from something like a blunt object, but the pathologist said it could have been the ground.

“Brenda had her future already figured out as she was to travel to Australia in June to further her studies and work there. She was also to travel with her boyfriend as she wanted the best for him as well,” Catherine said.

According to her sister Bridget Gacheri,Brenda left a cryptic message in her diary which she constantly updated, with a line she wrote saying;

“I wish I could die, time-travel and go back to when I was not in this relationship.”

She said that is what the police used to conclude that Brenda committed suicide, after the boyfriend showed them the diary.

Bridget also said she noticed that the boyfriend had a fresh cut on his hand, the house had traces of blood on the wall and one window was broken.

The family claimed that the police did not do thorough investigations to establish the cause of their daughter’s death.


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