Mr Seed’s Wife Nimo Unable to Answer to Baby Daddy Drama

Mr Seed’s wife Nimo Gachuiri unable to answer baby daddy drama.

Nimo Gachuiri was left with no choice but to address the issue her baby daddy is currently dealing with during an interview when she was asked about the baby daddy drama surrounding her husband Mr. Seed is facing.

Elizabeth Sonia Michael, has publicly accused him for being a deadbeat father to the child they both have.

Not long ago, Sonia took to her Instagram to pen a message about the daunting task of being a single mum with a baby daddy who doesn’t take an active role in it

Sonia said that she is currently battling depression made worse by him not being allegedly involved in their child’s day to day activities.

The Mombasa-based actress shares a seven year old son, Prince Faiz, with the gospel artist whose real name is Moses Tarus Omondi.

She claimed that he last visited his son in 2019, when he had gone to Mombasa and since then, the singer has never made efforts to be with his son. However, she later on deleted the message after alot of criticism.When Nimo was asked she responded by saying.

“Si mlikuwa mmesema hamtaniuliza hizo maswali”

she exclaimed as Mr. Seed rushed into the camera view and grabbed her, pulling her away.

We then hear a voice from the background saying “no comment” in the background but we don’t see if it is Nimo because it is dark, which lead to the end of the interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya, Nimo had previously defended her marriage saying that

“Marriage is good, doing life with Mr. Seed is really good by the way”.

While shooting a video for her yet to be released music video, Nimo told the media that they have been married for three years, and dating for six years.


“Tumejuana like nine years pamoja, our anniversary is soon in February.”

“Mtoto ni mungu akipenda na mungu akipanga mtoto akuje defintely atakuja, yeye ndiye ali tupatia wa kwanza na atatupatia wa pili.” She said


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