Mulamwa Discloses He Spent 200K To Hire The Horses

Mulamwah Discloses He Spent 200K To Hire The Horses.


Kenyan entertainer and media personality, Mulamwah recently spilled the beans about the delightful baby shower they hosted over the weekend.


In celebrating this significant milestone, the couple went all out to create a lavish and memorable experience for the soon-to-be mom.


The extravagant celebration unfolded on Saturday, January 20, with Mulamwah leaving no stone unturned to ensure his wife’s joy.


The festivities commenced with a romantic entrance for the mom-to-be, featuring a horse-drawn carriage. Decked out in matching outfits reminiscent of Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi, the couple set the stage for a stylish affair.


Ruth, accompanied by Mulamwah, was led to a beautiful hotel where they indulged in a sumptuous meal surrounded by close family and friends.


Mulamwah captured the essence of the celebration in a video, showcasing the moment he showered Ruth with money as she danced with a contagious smile.


The event was a perfect blend of love, style, and joy, making it a cherished memory for the couple as they eagerly await the arrival of their little one.


“embracing paper … its a rainy season . was a good day . we cant wait . congrats bestie @atruthk on your baby shower” Mulamwah wrote on his IG.



“Expressing her feelings of love and adoration, Ruth cheekily wrote, “Pole pole ♥️♥️, loving the steps. First horse ride 😍.”


In a recent social media update, Mulamwah disclosed that there has been considerable interest from people inquiring about the expenses associated with hiring horses.


He unveiled that the cost amounted to Ksh 50,000 per hour, and they utilized the elegant equines for a total of four hours during their extravagant celebration.


Several months following the initial announcement of their pregnancy, the couple decided to embark on a distinctive gender reveal event.


Choosing an unconventional setting, they ventured into a Chemistry Laboratory to unveil the much-anticipated news of their upcoming addition.


Employing a scientific approach, they mixed solutions in the lab, and the resulting color transformation revealed a vibrant blue hue, signifying the joyful expectation of a baby boy into their lives.


The unique gender reveal added a touch of creativity and excitement to their journey towards parenthood.


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