I am the only Kenyan artist whose views are organic: Willy paul’s defence after a fan comes for him

A fan has raised a discussion on how YouTube algorithm works, based on Willy Paul’s latest song with Juliani. The fan notes that Willy Paul’s recent song on youtube has over 300k views in 3 days yet it is not on trending. Could Willy Pozze have bought the views.

There have been allegations in the past of artists buying YouTube views to make their songs popular. To date no one can really know whether the views on someone’s YouTube are legit or bought.

The comment of the fan has seen Willy Paul come out strongly with his defence claiming that he is the only Kenyan artist whose songs have organic views. He went on to add that he is the only artist who has an international song that people vibe to worldwide, his collaboration with Jamaican artist Alaine ‘I Do.’

Willy paul also says that he only hears romours that he buys views but never has time to do such.

Do you think Willy Paul’s views are legit? Let us know down below.

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