Mulamwah reveals why he refused to take a photo with Brian Chira

Mulamwah reveals why he refused to take a photo with Brian Chira.

Comedian Mulamwah has shared on why he refused to take a photo with popular TikToker Brian Chira.

Days ago, Brian Chira called out Mulamwah for refusing to take a selfie with him after meeting up at Kenya national theatre.

According to Chira, Mulamwah said he didn’t want to be seen with him as he is too scandalous.

This angered Brian Chira who took to his live sessions to rant about the entire situation.

He expressed his frustration and reminded Mulamwah that he still has a long way to go.

Chira said that he knew Mulamwah before he became famous and he contributed to his fame.

” You used to follow me on Instagram before I was Brian Chira, now you don’t want to be seen with me. Just because you became famous before you think you have made it. Without us you wouldn’t be here.” he said.


Speaking in an interview, Mulamwah said that people like Chira forget that whatever they do on social media sticks and is used to define who they are in real life.

Mulamwah said he cannot associate with people who do bad things on social media platforms such as the things Chira does on his TikToks.

“Kuna vitu weird wanafanya usiku pale TikTok halafu most of them wanathink ukifanya TikTok, kwa ground ni different. Haiwezi, kenye unafanya online inastick to you. so ukipata vijana pale TikTok usiku, wananyonga mpaka live, mimi hio ndio kitu ilifanya nikaona siwezi kabisaa associate na mtu kama huyu kwa sababu if you can go live and do such things as people cheer you up, I can’t be your friend.” Mulamwa said.

Mulamwah added that the young generation on TikTok need to learn so that the fame they claim to have can help them.

He added that he can create content with Chira once he corrects his mistakes.

The comedian said that taking photos with Chira before he rectifies his mistakes will make it look like he supports what he does which might end up destroying his brand and reputation.

“clean yourself, be respectful because me be seeing with you that is how it will paint me out there on the people whom I impact, they will be like ooh Mulamwah is okay with this. Fix your errors then you can come back we take photos, videos, create content because that is what we are here for.” he added.


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