Nicah the queen announces breakup from her boyfriend

Nicah the queen announces breakup from her boyfriend.

Kenyan gospel artist Nicah the Queen has announced that she is no longer in a romantic relationship with boyfriend Dj Slahver.

She shared the news with her fans in social media as she thanked them for the love and support.

“After so much consideration, @ Slahverdon and I have decided to go separate ways. Thank you so much for the love you all accorded to us. Tunawapenda.” she wrote

The two got engaged in May this year, Nicah had shared snippets of the heartfelt proposal, expressing her gratitude to Jesus for bringing them together.

She even revealed that she had received numerous marriage proposals in the past but had turned them all down.

However, when she met DJ Slahver, everything changed. She confessed that she had been hesitant to enter into another commitment after her separation fro Dr Ofweneke, but DJ Slahver’s love and devotion had won her over.

“A snippet of how my engagement went down I can only say thank you Jesus! Ever since my separation with Ofweneke I have received 12 marriage proposal locally and internationally and never was I ready till I met you. When you love God there are something’s you’ll never struggle with like getting a genuine love. In one of the proposals a mother proposed to me on behalf of his son who was abroad. How crazy was that.” She said

While Nicah has publicised their split, Slahver on the other hand, is yet to share anything regarding the matter.


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